3 must-do actions to drain the swamp ... and keep it drained

By John Chambers
on February 08, 2017

“Drain the Swamp!” rallied voters in the last election.  We were up to our hips in corruption … 

… Bureaucratic agencies reminding us of the 1776 “multitude of New Offices” and “swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

… Green ink sloshing through a tangled underbrush of lobbyists crossing to-and-fro, rooting here-and-there, choking and corrupting our representatives.  

Many actions are being suggested, from lobbying bans to term limits.  Any of those may work, although “term limits” in California made the situation worse.

Those solutions never ask “why is the swamp there?”

Because they think they know.

Greed is the common answer.  

But the Constitution was written with Greed (and its twin brother Ambition) in mind.  The Constitution has drain plugs written into it … to drain the swamp as Greed and Ambition collect. 

Human Nature dictates that there will be corruption.  But it is no longer allowed to drain.

Three must-do actions recover the Constitutional drains and pull the plugs. 


Other measures, from term limits to bans, may clean up pockets of corruption.  But corruption will find its way back until these three must-do actions are taken.   

Before we get to those, look at the description of “swamp” above.  All that green ink and tangled underbrush leads to one simple result: “corrupt representatives.”

Corrupt representation is why the swamp needs to be drained.  It is also WHY the swamp exists.


The purpose of a representative is to speak for those who elect him.  If he does not, his purpose is corrupted.  He is corrupt. 

But before we go blaming politician, ask why do they get corrupt?

Don’t tell me “greed” or “ambition” … the Constitution already knows that.

They are corrupted because certain laws have been enacted which make it impossible for members of Congress to speak for those they are supposed to.

 Certain laws have made corruption inevitable.


Those laws need to be repealed, and we must ensure such damaging experiments will not happen again.

Three must-do actions … are you ready? 

Number One

Repeal the 1911 (put in effect in 1913) law that pegged the House of Representatives at 435 members.  Before then, as the population grew, so did the number of representatives.  After that law – for the last 100 years – as the population grew, so did the district of each representative. 

When that 1911 law was being argued, some feared districts would grow too large and the “representative” would lose touch with his voters.

They were right.

Representatives have become more distant from their people.  It takes money to reach them.  It takes vast gobs of money to get re-elected.  It is VERY difficult for an ordinary citizen to take a shot at the seat.  “Congressman” became a lifetime career dependant on big-time donors

What would happen if we pegged the district at an “in touch with the people” level?  And what is an “in touch with the people” level?

I live in a county, population 80 thousand.  County Commissioners spend five to 10 to 25 thousand to get elected. 

Every election, we have eight or more folks vying for votes.  Some get re-elected again and again because they are good for the people.  Others are one-term and some even get recalled. 

Every one of them is someone you have seen at many community meetings.  You, or someone you know, went to High School with them.  Your neighbor knows their parents and their kids. 

How would you like to know your Congressman is in town because you see him (or her) walking on the street?  You can stop and chat with her?

If a Congressional district is 80 to 100 thousand, your Congressperson only has to raise 10 or 20 grand.  She does not need lobbyist’s money.  She needs the goodwill of the folks at home, you and your neighbors. 

They will know if she or he took the Bacon Association’s money and whether or not that was a good idea. 

And if he’s doing a bad job, a Cub Scout mom with a better idea is going to raise a few thousand dollars and the guy with the Bacon Association connections is toast.  Automatic term limits.

Some will ask “where do we put 4000 representatives?”  So we buy some more desks.  But “10 times the staff!” – nah! since the member only represents 1/10th of the current load, he’ll need 1/10th the staff.   

Others will say “it will be like herding cats.”  And that is exactly how representation of the people is supposed to look.  Talk to Alexander Hamilton in Federalist Paper #22.  You have to have a consensus across the country to get laws enacted.  Elites be damned.

Some will shudder … current representatives will not want to give up power.  That’s why we need numbers two and three below.

Number Two

Repeal the 17th Amendment, adopted in 1913.  One of the “Progressive Amendments,” it had the people elect Senators rather than state legislatures.

At the time, it was sold as “democratizing” government.  People felt it was necessary because the House no longer represented you and me.  Its aim was to turn the republic into a Democracy. 

In our Republic, the Senate has an important function.  When selected by state legislature, the Senate can do its real job. 

The Senate is designed to represent the States. 

When the Federal Government wanted to do something, if it harmed states or limited their powers, the Senate would stop it.  The Senate kept state governments as a buffer between the Federal Government and the people. 

When the states are no longer represented in the Senate, there is no buffer between the people and the massive national government. 

Then we get a “multitude of New Offices” with “swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.”

Do you like the FDA, BLM, IRS, EPA, ad nauseam, on your doorstep?  Thank the 17th Amendment.


We have had a 100-year experiment in which the People are not represented in the House, and where the states lost representation in the Senate. 

That experiment got us to the swamp.  It is a failure.

Repeal those 1913 “progressive” acts.   The people and the states are the drain plugs.  With them represented as the Constitution envisioned, the swamp will drain.

But how do we keep the swamp drained?

Everyone understands the Constitution.  Everyone.

I don’t mean they carry it around in a pocket – although that is a start – but they have read it word-for-word and worked out what problem each section is trying to solve.

I’ve been teaching the Constitution since 1991.  I’ve run study groups and made videos and radio shows.  You can see our current study group here

My aim is to ensure people

  • know the words,
  • know what they meant when they were written and
  • know what problems they were trying to solve.

Quick test: Article III, section 2, keeps the courts under the regulation of Congress.  What problem was that hoping to solve?  Do we have that problem today?

This is our government … the Constitution is the Owner’s manual.

I don’t care if you study it with me, or on your own, or form your own study group.  Don’t let us fall into another Hundred Years Failed Experiment. 

The last 100 years have gotten us into the swamp.  Restoring the Constitution, specifically the three must-do actions above, will get us out.

Make a comment if you agree.  Or if you have a better idea.

© 2017 John Chambers

Why they want your guns … It’s not what you’ve been told.

By John Chambers
on February 01, 2017

You’ve probably been told they want to take your gun because they fear you will shoot them.  Certainly, some people want to shoot outlaw government agents.  And the elites who think they can run your life better than you … they deserve to be … well, told to shut up and sit down.

Certainly thugs and elites fear that, and that would be reason enough to disarm you, but there is a deeper reason.  It goes back to the value of government.

Let me explain …

There is value in government.  Its purpose, from our Declaration of Independence, is to secure our rights.  Government secures our rights from outlaw thugs.  It makes them shut up and sit down.

That is valuable to me.  I assume it is to you, too. 

Americans listed 27 reasons for declaring independence.  The outlaw thugs, what the declaration calls “swarms of Officers” who “harass our people, and eat out their substance” was on the list – at number 10.  And “taxation without representation” is way down at number 17!   

More important to Americans were the first six “injuries and usurpations.”  Those six complaints described how the British refused to allow the colonists to rule themselves.  Self-government was at stake. 

Independence is all about self-government.

There is a funny thing about self-government.  It requires that a person can handle force.  Let’s say you are driving a car.  Gas makes the car go, but YOU govern it. 

You can only govern it IF you have the strength to move the steering wheel, press the gas pedal, put on the brake. 

Government is the use of force.  The responsible use of force. 

If you cannot drive a car – let’s say you suddenly lost control of the steering wheel – you would expect and hope that someone, the passenger next to you, grabs the wheel for you.  Whew, saved your life!

The problem comes when you regain control and the other guy won’t give you back the wheel.

You can responsibly use force and they won’t let you.  That’s what the Declaration of Independence was about.  They wanted to responsibly govern their own lives.  They wanted to use the force necessary to do that.

Your gun allows you to use force.  You use it responsibly.  The reason they want to take your gun is …

Well, you tell me.  Leave a comment below.

© John Chambers 2017

 John Chambers started teaching the Constitution and Declaration 25 years ago. Mostly it’s been neighborhood groups, but he’s managed to teach a few High School classes too.

When he moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, he started the Josephine County Constitution Study Group (www.WhoOwnsYouJoCo.org). Local elected officials have been known to attend and the state representative, who also owns the hometown radio station, has a monthly Study Group on the Air.

Mr. Chambers’ study guide going through the Constitution and Declaration section-by-section is used by private schools and by homeschoolers across the county.  It is available on Amazon, but you can get free shipping in our bookstore 

Republic vs Democracy

By John Chambers
on January 03, 2017

A Government for ALL the People

Heading into the New Year, we might resolve to make a more perfect government. But that supposes we know what the Best government would be. Let me hazard a proposition:

The Best Government serves ALL the People.

The Greeks and Romans observed various governments and their consequences.
They knew Monarchy – government by one person, supposedly for the benefit of all. But that form goes awry when the ruler thinks only of himself … an all-too-frequent occurrence for the best of us.

They knew Aristocracy – government by the Minority, supposedly better than the common folk. The elites would take care of those who could not take care of themselves. All would be happy and prosperous. History is replete with examples of aristocracies gone bad. Revolutions ensue.

They knew Democracy – government by the Majority, who in their kindness would treat minorities with dignity and all would … are you kidding me?

Even Progressives who adore Democracy and wish it to envelop the world, even they rail against “white privilege” and the ways in which the majority votes to destroy and enslave minorities. Make no mistake, they really don’t like democracy. They only like it when they think they have the votes.


The three forms of government above – rule of one, rule by a minority, rule by the majority – occur in nature. Take any society, wolves or men, carpenters or kings, and without provocation, like water flowing down hill, they will gel into one of those forms of government.

Take a monarchy, captain of a ship. Everyone wants to make it safely to shore. Even if you had a dozen strangers on a boat, one would be the best seaman. The others would gravitate to being lead by him. When he said, “Bail the water out!” they would. For the benefit of all.

Take an aristocracy, a family. The adults tell the kids what to do because the kids are not ready to take care of themselves. Eventually, the kids can take care of themselves and the aristocracy is no longer needed. Ah-h, there is the rub. The Aristocracy may enjoy bossing others around too much. Revolution ensues.

Take a democracy. It is rare, but there are times when each person can take care of himself and make up any damage he has done to others. Actually, it is not rare. But it only works when you know face-to-face the others in your society. If you and I have equal respect for each other, a democracy will form, whether we want it or not. It is a natural outgrowth of who we are.

Each of these governments is for ALL the people … for a while. The problem is making it last longer than a generation.


Republic was an attempt to construct a government out of the natural forms.
If you could tweak it just so, add just the right mixture of checks and a proper measure of balances … maybe then the concoction would serve ALL the people.
But would it last?

That was Benjamin Franklin’s thought when asked the form of government we had adopted. “A republic,” he said, “if you can keep it.” It is a man-made construct. It requires continuous attention.

The Republic is designed to serve ALL the people. It will do so until it is allowed to devolve into one of the natural forms – monarchy, aristocracy or democracy.
And sure as water heads for the lowest point, a republic will devolve … if you let it.

(This is taken up in greater detail, and how the Constitution defines our Republic, in the Study Guide I wrote available on this website [https://www.learntheconstitution.com/collections/all/study-guide].)

© 2016 John Chambers

Secret Strategy: How We can use It

By John Chambers
on December 08, 2016

For 100 year, the “body politic” in the House has been small … 435 members.  And while it has been so, we have tobogganed into a “democracy” in name only.   Let’s be honest.  Today, we have an aristocracy of elites who run the government and herd us …

 It is time to change this power structure.

To Topple an Existing Power structure, increase the body politic.

What if … What would happen if …

Each member of the House represented no more than, say, 80,000 people?

First, we’ll have 10 times as many representatives in the House. 

Oh, but I can hear the gnashing of teeth already.  We will have 10 times as many Congressmen.  Yes, we will have to buy some desks and chairs.  Maybe rent an office building in DC for them.

 That’s the downside.


Ah, but the upside …

The county I live in has a population of about 80,000.  County-wide races, the size of a proposed Congressional district, will have similar dynamics. 

A campaign for a population of 80,000 requires … well, the most expensive campaign I have seen – reported in the local paper, by the way – cost $25,000.  The least expensive (and the candidate won!) was about $250.  Not much money, but it takes a lot of meeting people, shaking hands, listening, envisioning a brighter future. 

Say you are elected to Congress.  People know you or learn who you are.  They may know your parents or someone you went to High School with.  They know who’s backing you, or one of their friends looks it up and tells them, in no uncertain terms. 

Come re-election time, they also know if you were in touch with the folks back home, or if you holed up in DC.  When you are in town, they’ll see you on the street.

No matter how much money you raise, people will vote for you or against you because they know you and your family or they remember you were a bully in High School or you stuck up for them against the bully. 

You won’t need money from a “special interest”.  You won’t have to raise, like pretty much every one of the current 435, a million bucks to be re-elected.  

You won’t need term limits.  You will always know that some irate mom can put up $250, shake a lot of hands and replace you.  You will represent the folks back home, or you are outta there!

No need for new campaign finance laws.  No need for term limits.  All it takes is Congress wanting to actually represent the people they are supposed to serve.  Then they’ll pass a law limiting the number of people represented by one member of the House.

And if they won’t do it, here is the Constitutional Amendment:

Amendment __: The number of Representatives in the House shall not be less than one for every 80,000, as determined by census, but each state shall have at least one Representative.


This will also increase the number of electors for President.  Instead of the current 538 members, there will be something like 4500.  The magic number to win will be something like 2251.  California will have about 550 electors.  North Dakota will still have three.

The more populous states will have greater say … exactly what the Progressives say they want.  They should back this proposal without a glance!  Power to the People. 


Representatives close to the People, as the Framers intended, delivers enormous benefits.

Money is no longer a factor in House elections (we’ll talk about other elections later),

Term limits are generated by the People.  Good representatives stay in office.

And here’s the real bonus …

Imagine a little guy, a voter.  An agency, take your pick – the VA or BLM or EPA or the ever-present IRS – goes after our little guy.  He complains to his representative.  The representative gets maybe two or three similar complaints.  He talks to the agency.  He has to, or the people in his district will hear about it. 

The agency refuses to budge.  Your Congressman starts a campaign to defund the agency.  Other areas of the county have the same problem.  Those members of Congress join in …

The agency feels the heat and comes under control.  Or is defunded.

Making the House close to the People will “democratize” it, just as the Framers intended.  But it will free up other parts of the Federal system to be the other parts necessary to a republic.  Exactly as the Framers intended.

Buy some more desks. I think it’s worth it to have my Congressman FINALLY represent me.

It will topple the existing power structure.

I think it’s about time.  How about you?  Make a comment below …

© 2016 John Chambers

The Secret Strategy to Topple a Government … without Bloodshed

By John Chambers
on December 07, 2016

Progressives have been doing it for 100 years.  They have used and are using a little-known, but always effective, strategy to topple the Republic of the Constitution and replace it with a “Democracy.” 

This strategy was known to the Greeks, used by the Romans, and probably the Egyptian Pharaohs and Chinese Mandarins too.  Perhaps Samuel was aware of it when he warned the Children of Israel they didn’t really want a king.


In itself, the strategy is not evil.  It would be like calling Gravity evil.  Gravity has no intent to destroy.  It just is.  Like Gravity, this strategy will take down any power structure.   We can use it to topple the current power structure and restore the Republic.

Can you imagine the earth-shaking effect that would have? 

No more special interests running Congress … and I don’t care if “special interest” means Big Corporations, Teachers Unions, Money, The Gun Lobby, or Government Agent thugs, Environmental Terrorists, or Race-baiting Shake-down artists.

Because Congress will represent you and me, there will be no more out-of-control agencies … which means no more looking over your shoulder before having a politically “incorrect” thought … the government will work for US.

But I get ahead of myself. 


This strategy could be called a “Law” or a “natural law” but truly it is just the way things work.

To Topple an Existing Power structure, increase the body politic.

That’s the Principle, since before the Greeks. 

You know it in your own family.  Maybe you have a traditional family, or grew up in one, like I did.  Mom and Pop and three or ten kids. 

The power structure is Mom and Pop.  The body politic is – well, who gets to vote on breakfast?  Mom.  Sometimes Pop.  What if we opened it up and the kids get to vote?  Suddenly, the old power structure is gone and we have ice cream for every breakfast. 

See how it works?  To Topple an Existing Power structure, increase the body politic.

What we have today:

Existing power structure … agencies running amok, money buying elections.  You and I are supposed to suck it up.  We have an Administrative State operating for special interests.

Body Politic … yes, we have that.  Progressives have been adding to it for decades.  That is their secret strategy.  Now we are at the point of adding felons to the voter rolls – yes, guys in jail for murder – and flooding the system with “voters” who are not citizens.

But “Body Politic” in our representative republic also means those who can vote as representatives. 


Progressives, about 100 year ago, started a plan to “democratize” our government.  Propaganda was just coming of age, giving elites the ability to mold public opinion in the same way animals can be herded. 

They made a big noise about “democratizing” – giving the government back to the people – while secretly stripping the people of any power.

To cement it, in 1910, they passed a law capping the House to 435 members.  No matter what the population, up to 320+ million now, there were only 435 members of Congress. 

As the population exploded, each Congressperson represents more and more people, up to about 750,000 now.  No one can shake that many hands.  No one can kiss that many babies.  Congress-folk have to resort to propaganda to gain re-election.

Propaganda costs money.  Your Congressman no longer represents you, the people of his district, but those who can buy him the propaganda for his re-election.  He has to raise something like $40,000 every month.  He hasn’t got time to represent you.  

For 100 year, the “body politic” in the House has been small … 435 members.  And while it has been so, we have tobogganed into a “democracy” in name only.   Let’s be honest.  Today, we have an aristocracy of elites who run the government and herd us …

It is time to change this power structure.

No More Income Tax

By John Chambers
on November 30, 2016


An Income Tax raises a lot of money fast.  That’s why the British did it around 1800 to defeat Napoleon.  But then they let it die.  The Empire became the powerhouse for prosperity … well, until other factors caused its demise.

Lincoln used an Income Tax to raise a lot of money fast to put down ‘the rebellion’.  It was challenged in Court but before it could be decided, the Civil War was over, the tax lapsed and the Court said, “what tax?”  No decision was given.

But it is important to grasp that the challenge was based on the definition of DIRECT TAX. 

A DIRECT TAX is a tax directly on a person or his property, simply for existing.  For instance, your county property tax on your home is a Direct Tax.  The greater the value of your house, the greater the tax.

A state tax on businesses, based on the value of their inventory – the Inventory Tax – is a Direct Tax.  The more stock your store has on hand, the more tax your neighborhood furniture store, grocery store, every store, pays.  

The Constitution says DIRECT TAXES are to be done only by person – each parson pays a buck, or 10 or 100.  The General government (as the Founders called the new government being created by the Constitution) would not tax a person for existing, or his stuff.

But if the General Government felt the need to do so, they would have to ‘apportion’ it among the ‘several States’ in the same way members of the House of Representatives are ‘apportioned’.  So if the census says a state has a million people, they have to pay a million bucks.  Another state has two million, that state pays two million.  


A few decades after the “War of the Rebellion” (as it is known in the Library of Congress), Marxism spread through Europe.  It spawned a Progressive movement here.  The General Government (now called the Federal Government), passed another Income Tax in 1894.

The same challenge was made.  It moved quickly through the courts.  In 1895, in Pollock v. Farmers' Loan & Trust Company, 158 U.S. 601, income tax was determined to be a Direct Tax.  A tax on income was unconstitutional because it was not apportioned, etc. 


Progressives went to work -- after all, a progressive income tax is one of the planks of the Communist Manifesto.  They cajoled and promised and propagandized.  In 1913, the 16th Amendment was adopted:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

The amendment only redefined Income Tax as not-a-direct-tax.  Many problems are in our current Income tax:

  • Certain income is preferred, the product of crony capitalism and social engineering
  • The rates go up the more income, reducing the incentive to produce more
  • Additional income is funneled into government-preferred endeavors (see above regarding social engineering)
  • Production is reduced and therfore
  • Wealth is reduced.
  • The government controls all and becomes the Father of us all.

Getting rid of the income tax is intellectually simple but politically difficult:

Amendment XX: The 16th Article of amendment to this Constitution is repealed. 

Politically, that will require turning the current power structure of out General Government upside down.

Turning the Government upside down is the next blog …

© 2016 John Chambers

Time for Amendments?

By John Chambers
on November 22, 2016

About every 50 years, a number of Amendments are added to the Constitution.  We are right on time.

Read more »

Quick, Easy and Unique Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea

By Merri Hackett
on November 16, 2016

Quick, Easy and Unique Neighbor Christmas Gift Idea

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You'd be AMAZED how many people in the general public have never owned their own copy of the United States Constitution. The more homes that own a copy of our US Constitution, the smoother and swifter our nation can heal.

This 52-page pocket sized booklet contains the United States Constitution (including The Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27) and The Declaration of Independence. Its dimensions are 3.25″ X 6.5″.

These booklets are sold in box quantities of 100 (ie. a quantity of 1 = 100 copies).

Individual copies can be purchased starting at $1 each.

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This 48-page pocket sized booklet contains The Constitution of the United States (including The Bill of Rights and Amendments 11-27) and The Declaration of Independence. Its dimensions are 3.25″ X 6.5″.

On the front cover of this pocket Constitution there is a four-color picture of George Washington holding a quill in his hand, inviting each of us to pledge our support for and commitment to The Constitution of the United States by maintaining and promoting its standard of liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

Riots after the Election

By John Chambers
on November 12, 2016
1 comment

Riots after the Election

You’ve seen the sensational news.  We can be pretty sure the ‘protests’ are bought and paid for … moneyed interests agitating revolution.  It resonates with people who feel they are victims. The ‘protest’ takes on ‘a life of its own.’ 

People are victims only when they cannot fight back, when they have no rights. 

But wait a minute, if the Constitution guarantees rights, then how does anyone become a victim?  Where does that come from?


Let me tell you a story …The lady was new to our Constitution Study Group.  “How is a minority ever going to get equality?” she asked. 

“If a person,” she argued, “– a minority – can never be equal, can never count, can never make a difference, they are going to revolt.”

“Yes, they are,” everyone agreed.  “But where do you get that idea ‘a minority can never be equal’? Where does that come from?”

“Well, they can’t,” she said, repeating what she figured everyone knows.  “If you are in a minority, you are never equal to the majority.”

That stumped us.  We tried to get across to her that citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, no matter what minority you are in.

And everyone is in a minority in one way or another.  We took a poll – coffee drinkers in the group to non-drinkers, male to female, age brackets (although that was a bit delicate).  Everyone was in one minority or another.  But everyone could still speak, vote, etc.  We had equal rights.

Minority and equality.  It is like comparing apples to oranges …

Until …

Until, and I spoke later to an old-line East Coast Democrat to test my theory.  She had to agree.

The question “how does a minority ever get equality” does not make sense UNTIL you are talking about a democracy. 

In a democracy, the majority makes ALL the rules and the minority will NEVER gain equality.  My Democrat friend said, “But a minority has rights.”

“In a Republic,” I answered.  “In a Republic, the minority has rights.”


For the last century, we have been told we live in a Democracy.  Even conservative politicians who should know better, even they say ‘in our democracy.’

Believing we are a Democracy leads to dangerous ideas such as ‘minorities can never be equal’ and then to feeling that you are a victim – very true in a Democracy.  And it leads to riots after elections.

In a democracy, minorities have no rights.  In a republic, they do.

We who want to restore the republic, our job is to change minds.  The first step is to define our Republic.  That is all the Constitution does – define the republic.

I would like to see Constitution Study Groups like ours spread to every county in the country.   Perhaps one in your county, hm-m-m?

© 2016 John Chambers

John Chambers has been teaching the Constitution off and on for the past 25 years.  Mostly it’s with neighborhood groups, but he’s managed to teach a few High School classes too.  “We don’t teach ABOUT the Constitution,” he said.  He goes through the document itself, word-by-word, section-by-section.  When he moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, he started the Josephine County Constitution Study Group.  Local elected officials have been known to attend and the state representative, who also owns the hometown radio station, has a monthly Study Group on the Air.  Mr. Chambers’ study guide going through the Constitution section-by-section is available in our bookstore


The Pledge of Allegiance

By Merri Hackett
on March 30, 2016

The Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

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