Riots after the Election

You’ve seen the sensational news.  We can be pretty sure the ‘protests’ are bought and paid for … moneyed interests agitating revolution.  It resonates with people who feel they are victims. The ‘protest’ takes on ‘a life of its own.’ 

People are victims only when they cannot fight back, when they have no rights. 

But wait a minute, if the Constitution guarantees rights, then how does anyone become a victim?  Where does that come from?


Let me tell you a story …The lady was new to our Constitution Study Group.  “How is a minority ever going to get equality?” she asked. 

“If a person,” she argued, “– a minority – can never be equal, can never count, can never make a difference, they are going to revolt.”

“Yes, they are,” everyone agreed.  “But where do you get that idea ‘a minority can never be equal’? Where does that come from?”

“Well, they can’t,” she said, repeating what she figured everyone knows.  “If you are in a minority, you are never equal to the majority.”

That stumped us.  We tried to get across to her that citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, no matter what minority you are in.

And everyone is in a minority in one way or another.  We took a poll – coffee drinkers in the group to non-drinkers, male to female, age brackets (although that was a bit delicate).  Everyone was in one minority or another.  But everyone could still speak, vote, etc.  We had equal rights.

Minority and equality.  It is like comparing apples to oranges …

Until …

Until, and I spoke later to an old-line East Coast Democrat to test my theory.  She had to agree.

The question “how does a minority ever get equality” does not make sense UNTIL you are talking about a democracy. 

In a democracy, the majority makes ALL the rules and the minority will NEVER gain equality.  My Democrat friend said, “But a minority has rights.”

“In a Republic,” I answered.  “In a Republic, the minority has rights.”


For the last century, we have been told we live in a Democracy.  Even conservative politicians who should know better, even they say ‘in our democracy.’

Believing we are a Democracy leads to dangerous ideas such as ‘minorities can never be equal’ and then to feeling that you are a victim – very true in a Democracy.  And it leads to riots after elections.

In a democracy, minorities have no rights.  In a republic, they do.

We who want to restore the republic, our job is to change minds.  The first step is to define our Republic.  That is all the Constitution does – define the republic.

I would like to see Constitution Study Groups like ours spread to every county in the country.   Perhaps one in your county, hm-m-m?

© 2016 John Chambers

John Chambers has been teaching the Constitution off and on for the past 25 years.  Mostly it’s with neighborhood groups, but he’s managed to teach a few High School classes too.  “We don’t teach ABOUT the Constitution,” he said.  He goes through the document itself, word-by-word, section-by-section.  When he moved to Grants Pass, Oregon, he started the Josephine County Constitution Study Group.  Local elected officials have been known to attend and the state representative, who also owns the hometown radio station, has a monthly Study Group on the Air.  Mr. Chambers’ study guide going through the Constitution section-by-section is available in our bookstore