For 100 year, the “body politic” in the House has been small … 435 members.  And while it has been so, we have tobogganed into a “democracy” in name only.   Let’s be honest.  Today, we have an aristocracy of elites who run the government and herd us …

 It is time to change this power structure.

To Topple an Existing Power structure, increase the body politic.

What if … What would happen if …

Each member of the House represented no more than, say, 80,000 people?

First, we’ll have 10 times as many representatives in the House. 

Oh, but I can hear the gnashing of teeth already.  We will have 10 times as many Congressmen.  Yes, we will have to buy some desks and chairs.  Maybe rent an office building in DC for them.

 That’s the downside.


Ah, but the upside …

The county I live in has a population of about 80,000.  County-wide races, the size of a proposed Congressional district, will have similar dynamics. 

A campaign for a population of 80,000 requires … well, the most expensive campaign I have seen – reported in the local paper, by the way – cost $25,000.  The least expensive (and the candidate won!) was about $250.  Not much money, but it takes a lot of meeting people, shaking hands, listening, envisioning a brighter future. 

Say you are elected to Congress.  People know you or learn who you are.  They may know your parents or someone you went to High School with.  They know who’s backing you, or one of their friends looks it up and tells them, in no uncertain terms. 

Come re-election time, they also know if you were in touch with the folks back home, or if you holed up in DC.  When you are in town, they’ll see you on the street.

No matter how much money you raise, people will vote for you or against you because they know you and your family or they remember you were a bully in High School or you stuck up for them against the bully. 

You won’t need money from a “special interest”.  You won’t have to raise, like pretty much every one of the current 435, a million bucks to be re-elected.  

You won’t need term limits.  You will always know that some irate mom can put up $250, shake a lot of hands and replace you.  You will represent the folks back home, or you are outta there!

No need for new campaign finance laws.  No need for term limits.  All it takes is Congress wanting to actually represent the people they are supposed to serve.  Then they’ll pass a law limiting the number of people represented by one member of the House.

And if they won’t do it, here is the Constitutional Amendment:

Amendment __: The number of Representatives in the House shall not be less than one for every 80,000, as determined by census, but each state shall have at least one Representative.


This will also increase the number of electors for President.  Instead of the current 538 members, there will be something like 4500.  The magic number to win will be something like 2251.  California will have about 550 electors.  North Dakota will still have three.

The more populous states will have greater say … exactly what the Progressives say they want.  They should back this proposal without a glance!  Power to the People. 


Representatives close to the People, as the Framers intended, delivers enormous benefits.

Money is no longer a factor in House elections (we’ll talk about other elections later),

Term limits are generated by the People.  Good representatives stay in office.

And here’s the real bonus …

Imagine a little guy, a voter.  An agency, take your pick – the VA or BLM or EPA or the ever-present IRS – goes after our little guy.  He complains to his representative.  The representative gets maybe two or three similar complaints.  He talks to the agency.  He has to, or the people in his district will hear about it. 

The agency refuses to budge.  Your Congressman starts a campaign to defund the agency.  Other areas of the county have the same problem.  Those members of Congress join in …

The agency feels the heat and comes under control.  Or is defunded.

Making the House close to the People will “democratize” it, just as the Framers intended.  But it will free up other parts of the Federal system to be the other parts necessary to a republic.  Exactly as the Framers intended.

Buy some more desks. I think it’s worth it to have my Congressman FINALLY represent me.

It will topple the existing power structure.

I think it’s about time.  How about you?  Make a comment below …

© 2016 John Chambers