Progressives have been doing it for 100 years.  They have used and are using a little-known, but always effective, strategy to topple the Republic of the Constitution and replace it with a “Democracy.” 

This strategy was known to the Greeks, used by the Romans, and probably the Egyptian Pharaohs and Chinese Mandarins too.  Perhaps Samuel was aware of it when he warned the Children of Israel they didn’t really want a king.


In itself, the strategy is not evil.  It would be like calling Gravity evil.  Gravity has no intent to destroy.  It just is.  Like Gravity, this strategy will take down any power structure.   We can use it to topple the current power structure and restore the Republic.

Can you imagine the earth-shaking effect that would have? 

No more special interests running Congress … and I don’t care if “special interest” means Big Corporations, Teachers Unions, Money, The Gun Lobby, or Government Agent thugs, Environmental Terrorists, or Race-baiting Shake-down artists.

Because Congress will represent you and me, there will be no more out-of-control agencies … which means no more looking over your shoulder before having a politically “incorrect” thought … the government will work for US.

But I get ahead of myself. 


This strategy could be called a “Law” or a “natural law” but truly it is just the way things work.

To Topple an Existing Power structure, increase the body politic.

That’s the Principle, since before the Greeks. 

You know it in your own family.  Maybe you have a traditional family, or grew up in one, like I did.  Mom and Pop and three or ten kids. 

The power structure is Mom and Pop.  The body politic is – well, who gets to vote on breakfast?  Mom.  Sometimes Pop.  What if we opened it up and the kids get to vote?  Suddenly, the old power structure is gone and we have ice cream for every breakfast. 

See how it works?  To Topple an Existing Power structure, increase the body politic.

What we have today:

Existing power structure … agencies running amok, money buying elections.  You and I are supposed to suck it up.  We have an Administrative State operating for special interests.

Body Politic … yes, we have that.  Progressives have been adding to it for decades.  That is their secret strategy.  Now we are at the point of adding felons to the voter rolls – yes, guys in jail for murder – and flooding the system with “voters” who are not citizens.

But “Body Politic” in our representative republic also means those who can vote as representatives. 


Progressives, about 100 year ago, started a plan to “democratize” our government.  Propaganda was just coming of age, giving elites the ability to mold public opinion in the same way animals can be herded. 

They made a big noise about “democratizing” – giving the government back to the people – while secretly stripping the people of any power.

To cement it, in 1910, they passed a law capping the House to 435 members.  No matter what the population, up to 320+ million now, there were only 435 members of Congress. 

As the population exploded, each Congressperson represents more and more people, up to about 750,000 now.  No one can shake that many hands.  No one can kiss that many babies.  Congress-folk have to resort to propaganda to gain re-election.

Propaganda costs money.  Your Congressman no longer represents you, the people of his district, but those who can buy him the propaganda for his re-election.  He has to raise something like $40,000 every month.  He hasn’t got time to represent you.  

For 100 year, the “body politic” in the House has been small … 435 members.  And while it has been so, we have tobogganed into a “democracy” in name only.   Let’s be honest.  Today, we have an aristocracy of elites who run the government and herd us …

It is time to change this power structure.