A More Perfect Union - Education Package

$ 19.95 (was $ 24.95)

Become an eyewitness to the Constitutional Convention of 1787.

This stirring 2-hour film will bring the Founding Fathers to life as you witness the struggles and the miracles that produced the Constitution of the United States and the freest nation on earth.

Filmed on location at Independence Hall; Williamsburg, Virginia; and other historical sites, it dramatically chronicles how America became a nation. It is exciting drama of the best kind-fact, rather than fiction. "It brings the history books to life," writes one reviewer. "Dramatically moving, and visually handsome," says another. Officially recognized by the Commission on the Bicentennial of the United States Constitution, who cited the film as being "of exceptional merit."

A More Perfect Union comes as part of an education package and includes:

  • The 2-hour movie A More Perfect Union and 5 additional teaching segments on 1 DVD.
  • A Teacher's Guide that provides background information and perspectives designed to help teachers with classroom discussions and other learning activities related to the production. Five lessons correspond with the 5 teaching segments on the DVD.
  • Pocket Constitution which includes the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, Amendments 11-27, and the Declaration of Independence.
  • A 22" X 34" Constitution Poster containing the entire text of the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, and Amendments 11-27.The Constitution at a Glance is included on the backside for quick reference to any part of the document.

This packet retails for $49.95, but for a very limited time you can have everything shown above for only $19.95. This packet is a great supplement to any course on the Constitution and will inspire you and your children to want to learn more.

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