America: Land of Principles and Promises

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By Philip W. Winkler including organization and teaching ideas by Sandra Dee Reid.

America's History from Discovery to Reconstruction.

The wise Founders of this nation knew that the nature of man would require a careful framework of laws to insure people's safety and happiness. 

The Founders thus set up an ideal of liberty -- within the wholesome restraint of these laws.

They conceived a new republic in which the opportunity to make the most of one's talent and industry would be open to all.

They solemnly declared that no person should be deprived of the rights of life and liberty and property without due process of law.

They placed strict limits upon the authority of government, and expressly reserved to the people or to the states all powers not specifically delegated to the central government.

These are among the bedrock principles of our great land, and we must respect them if America is to realize its promise and carry on as a land of liberty.

This is the story of our America!