The Miracle of America - Birth of a Nation

$ 29.95 (was $ 34.95)

A profound collection of lesser-known stories in American History, combined with artistic re-creations, that will touch the hearts of children and adults alike.

  •  Twenty-two compelling stories of faith, unity, and sacrifice.
  • Beautiful original creations using digital media.
  • Inspiring short stories that children and adults will love.

 The Miracle of America, Birth of a Nation has brought to life the miraculous events surrounding the founding of this great nation and its heritage.  The fine art photography and stories bring the patriots of the past to their beneficiaries of today and inspire us to become the patriots of the future.

 Stories Included in this Book

  • Miracle at the Old South Church

  • The Bulletproof George Washington

  • Preserved for a Greater Purpose

  • With Humility I Accept

  • Building a Future: John & Abigail Adams

  • An Inspired Work: The Declaration of Independence

  • A Light to All Mankind: The Declaration of Independence

  • “The Sacrifice Be Mine”: Caesar Rodney

  • Battle at King's Mountain

  • An Uncommon Miracle: Emily Geiger

  • Cornwallis' Defeat at Yorktown

  • Washington's Worst Ordeal

  • Washington Resigns His Commission

  • “The Most Able Among Them”: James Madison

  • “A Constitution for the Ages”: James Madison

  • Building Consensus at the Constitutional Convention

  • The “Crisis Period” at the Constitutional Convention

  • A Plea for Prayer: Benjamin Franklin

  • Bill of Rights: George Mason

  • “The Old Man Wept”: Benjamin Franklin

  • “A Rising Sun”

  • The Miracle at Philadelphia