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The Founders' Constitution- The Basic Manuals of a Constitutionalist

Founders Constitution

Softcover - 5 Vol. Set


Price $69.99

Edited by Philip B. Kurland and Ralph Lerner


"There is nothing comparable to it in print.... This is truly a lifetime bargain and certainly the most valuable compilation for your family library I have ever seen."
Dr. W. Cleon Skousen - (Renowned Constitutionalist)


As you read through The U.S. Constitution with your 5 volume set of The Founders' Constitution, you will undoubtedly come across parts of the Constitution that you don't understand or just want to gain more insight on. This is where your newly acquired set of The Founders' Constitution will come in very handy. Simply flip to the Table of Contents, look up the clause or phrase you are interested in learning more about, and you will have instant access to the original intent of the Founders including their reasoning, debates, letters, and much more.


If, for example, you wanted to study the principle of taxation from the founders prospective, you could turn to Volume Two of The Founders' Constitution and find 63 pages filled with 28 different articles on this subject. These were written between 1786 and 1833 and include debates, speeches, minutes, letters, and commentaries. You will see how they clearly defend the original intent of the Founders and warn against some of the very same destructive arguments that are heard today.


The Founders' Constitution could not be easier to navigate because it is conveniently arranged according to Article, Section, Clause. In addition, it contains an index of Constitutional Provisions, a table of cases, and an index of Authors and Documents. This truly is an invaluable set of books for any American who really cares about preserving their liberty.


Consider this...

There have been many tributes to the Constitution but the highest tribute of all is the willingness of a person to take the time to study it.

The Constitution is an exciting charter for human freedom that establishes nearly 300 vested rights as they apply to various segments of the American society. Many people do not know the nature of these rights or how too protect them. This is why many of those rights have been eroded or lost. 

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